Early Childhood Education: Ages 3-5

Welcome to the ECE

The Club’s Early Childhood Education and Head Start program are a blessing for many mothers who need help in the education of our children. I am very grateful that my child has the opportunity to share with other children and learn more things.

- Brnda M., Parent

Early Childhood Programs

The BGCNW’s preschool program began over 35 years ago. Since its inception, the program has been geared toward providing quality, affordable early childhood education. Licensed by the Office of Children and Family Services, the program delivers developmentally appropriate curriculum, including physical education, literacy, STEAM, music, nutrition, and social-emotional intelligence lessons designed to help children be ready for kindergarten. Children receive breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack prepared by Ladle of Love.

A unique feature of the program is the inclusion of twice-weekly swimming lessons. With drowning being the 2nd cause of death for children under the age of 6, water safety is a critical life skill.

While they have a decades-long history of providing preschool programming, the Club is thrilled to be able to expand their programming to make it even more accessible to the community. Due to a longstanding partnership with the Bedford Central School District, the Club was chosen, along with one other childcare center, as a community-based organization site for the Universal Pre-K program. Additionally, the Club has partnered with the Office of Head Start to provide a free early childhood program serving children ages 3-5 from eligible low-income families. The Head Start program  includes services that support early learning and development, health and wellness, and family well-being; with a Family Advocate who coordinates with parents to support at-home learning and to connect the children and families to additional support services.

Physical Education: Fitness games and activities are conducted daily to help children work on gross motor skills, agility, balance and coordination.

Swimming: Classes are held twice weekly with Red Cross Certified instructors who teach beginner swimming skills and essential water safety skills. The program is an integral part of the curriculum, and full participation maintains the integrity of the program and creates a positive environment.

Math and Literacy: With manipulatives, the children are introduced to counting, sorting, sequencing, and matching skills. Literacy is taught through the use of the spoken word using books that are read throughout the day.

Nutrition and Gardening: Preschool classes nurture their own garden, and our staff teach healthy eating and nutrition with hands-on activities. Hot daily meal prepared by team from Ladle of Love.

Music: Children learn new songs, sing old favorites, and use rhythmic instruments to help develop music appreciation.

Science: Our teachers instil a love of science using a variety of hands-on activities, exploration and scientific thinking.