Who We Are

of our kids graduate high school on time

of our kids
are on grade level

of our kids support their communities

believe the BGC saved their life

The Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester, established in 1939, is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving local youth, ages 6 months to 18 years, from more than 40 Northern Westchester communities.

The Club runs high-quality, developmentally appropriate programs in five core areas:

  • Character and Leadership Development
  • Education and Career Development
  • Health and Life Skills
  • Arts and Social Recreation
  • Sports, Fitness and Recreation.

These programs are designed to create a rich environment that will lead to academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

As staff members at BGCNW, we continually strive to create a sense of belonging for EVERY Club kid that walks through our doors. We believe that by accepting, nurturing, teaching, supporting and challenging our kids, they will be ready to step into the world as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

Board of Directors

Co-President Anne Citrin

Co-President Emily Stoddard

Vice President Torell Nugent

Treasurer Michelle Rappa

Secretary Kay O’Meara Lovig


A. Steve Alvarado, Jr.

Kevin Bannon

Skip Beitzel

John Crabtree

Kristoffer Durst

Marilyn Erazo

Elzbieta Grove

Michael Hess

Doug Housman

Erik Kaeyer

Stuart Marwell

Rick Moreau

Thomai “Amy” Natsoulis

Erin O’Donnell

Allyson Pachios

Sanaz Raczynski

Hiral Shah

David Singer

Douglas Thea

Bonnie Tisi

Johannah Townsend

Kim White

Chief Executive Officer Alyzza C. Ozer, Esq.

Seema Boesky
Leslie Cecil
Ursula Lamont

Leadership & Staff

Alyzza C. Ozer


914-666-8069, ext. 105


Athenia Lee

Director of Programming

914-666-8069, ext. 107


Eric Mitchell

Director of Aquatics

914.666.8069, ext. 115


Zachary Hojnacki, PhD

Head Swim Team Coach

914.666.8069, ext. 115


Dennis Munson


914.666.8069, ext. 117


Bob Rishel

Bob Rishel

Assistant Aquatics Director

914.666.8069, ext. 117


John Tunas

Development Associate

914.666.8069, ext. 108


Shantae Artis

Marketing and Communications

914.666.8069, ext. 106


Theresa Clark Messer

Theresa Clark Messer

Director of Finance

914.666.8069, ext. 109


Pablo Malaver

Registration Manager

914-666-8069, ext. 136


Chris Beaudreault

Director of Teen Programs

914.666.8069, ext. 129


Dr. Alana Pudalov

Mental Health Clinician

914.666.8069, ext. 111



Bryant Srour

Mental Health Clinician

914.666.8069, ext. 111


Daniela Perez-Torres

Associate Director of Teen Programs

914.666.8069, ext. 129


White, Connor BGCNW Page (3000 × 2250 px)

Connor White

Head Age Group Coach



Karanja Elliot

Digital Arts




Rebecca Maisel

Aquatics Program Administrator

BGNW Marlins Billing Coordinator

914.666.8069 x115

rmaisel@bgcnw.com | marlinsbilling@gmail.com

Frontline Staff

Juan Aguilar – 5th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Carlos Arias – Maintenance

Parker Banta – Lifeguard

Daniel Beaudreault – Middle School Fun Club Counselor

Aiden Bowers – Swim Coach

Heather Brewster – Swim Instructor

Kieran Brown – Swim Coach

Kyle Davis Cadley – Preschool Teacher

Jasson Cruz Majia – 2nd Grade Fun Club Counselor

Barbara Cutri – Fun Club Sew What?! and Garden Specialist

Tanya Dawson – Art Instructor

Ryan De La Rosa – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Jessica Deleg Guartatanga – 5th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Sydney Delfico – Swim Coach

Nethmi DeSilva – Fun Club Healthy Lifestyle Specialist

Brandiel Diaz De La Cruz – 2nd Grade Fun Club Counselor

Paige Fagan – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

William Fagan – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Ashley Feliz – 1st Grade Fun Club Counselor

Isaiah Figueroa – 5th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Jack Gerken – Lifeguard

Melany Giron – 2nd Grade Fun Club Counselor

Kate Hallex – Swim Coach

Catherine Herrick – Locker Room Attendant

Tyheese James – 1st Grade Fun Club Counselor

Brianna Justiniano – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Ellie Kaplowitz – Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Kate Kaplowitz – Lifeguard

Leah Katz – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Barbara Kennedy – Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Hailey Kraljevic – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Gerardo Lopez – Game Room Attendant

Fatima Lopez Martinez – Kindergarten Fun Club Counselor

Fatima Marshall – 6th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Harold Martinez Ramirez – 3rd Grade Fun Club Counselor

Dawn McClain – 3rd Grade Fun Club Counselor

Molly McGourty – Lifeguard

Savannah McIntyre – Swim Coach

Connor McHugh – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Sarina Metsch – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Eva Millerman – Lifeguard

Victoria Morel – Lifeguard

Clare Murphy-Carr – Swim Coach

Xiomara Nieves – Preschool and Fun Club Assistant

Elmer Perez-Torres – Preschool Assistant Teacher

Guadalupe Perez-Torres – Preschool Assistant Teacher

Alyssa Pierro – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Patrick Polese – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Tatiana Restrepo – Administration, Fun Club

Amanda Riolo – Lifeguard/Jr. Swim Coach

Elizabeth Rivas – 7th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Melany Rodas Javier – 5th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Katherine Shymonowicz – Swim Coach/Instructor

Spencer Smythe – 6th Grade Fun Club Counselor

Bryant Srour – Mental Health Clinician

Aaliyah Thompson – Preschool Assistant Teacher

Stephanie Trejo – Preschool Teacher

Melba Turner – Administration, Finance

Emily Urias Velasquez – Preschool Teacher