BGCNW Launches 2023 Youth of the Year Program

BGCNW Launches 2023 Youth of the Year Program

In November of 2022, Club teens attended an orientation to learn about the Youth of the Year program.

Since 1947, the Youth of the Year program has honored and celebrated the nation’s most inspiring youth and their incredible stories. The Youth of the Year is a prestigious honor bestowed upon an exemplary teen in recognition of their leadership, service, academic excellence, and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout the Youth of the Year journey, Boys and Girls Clubs recognize these outstanding young people at local, state, and regional levels before providing an opportunity for six of these teens to strive for the title of National Youth of the Year.

Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester (BGCNW) had its inaugural Youth of the Year Ceremony in 1995. Each year, Club staff nominates youth who exemplify the qualities of a leader. Candidates complete an application portfolio consisting of a candidate bio, resume and cover letter, three (3) essays, and supporting documents. They must also prepare a three (3) minute speech, and interview with a panel of judges. Participants are matched with a mentor to help guide them and support them throughout the process.

While there can be only one winner, all candidates and finalists are celebrated for the achievement of having embarked upon and completed the journey. The titled BGCNW Youth of the Year advances to a state-level event. They are tasked with participating in events, public speaking, and serving as a thought leader and advocate for their Club and community. They receive the benefit of a generous college scholarship, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

One other finalist receives the Chris Cutri Memorial Scholarship Award in recognition of their commitment to leadership, responsibility, and perseverance. They also serve as the “runner up”; attending events and speaking as a Club ambassador and advocate.

Past BGCNW Youth of the Year and Chris Cutri Memorial Scholars have

  • Received mentoring from program supporters
  • Received internship opportunities
  • Met congressional and other legislative leaders
  • Met celebrity Club alumni

BGCNW will be holding its Youth of the Year award ceremony on the evening of March 2nd at Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua. The event will be by invitation only. For more information on becoming a mentor, contact Director of Teen Programs, Chris Beaudreault. To become a Youth of the Year sponsor, contact Associate of Development, John Tunas.

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