Leadership & Staff

Pablo Malaver, Registration Manager

Working at the Club makes me feel that I found my place and mission in life. Helping others gives me peace, as I know I am making the world a better place.

Pablo Malaver is our Registration Manager and is the major link between BGCNW and our club families. His communication skills and commitment has created a strong bond with the community.

Pablo was born in Peru. Pablo graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University with a law degree and practiced business law for several years. After moving to the States he spent many years at Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. Although working in the financial district in New York City was a dream come true, Pablo’s passion for law and helping others led him to seek a paralegal degree. Once completed, he was eager to give back to his community and immediately started working in immigration law. In 2012, Pablo joined BGCNW and since then he has been a key player in our team.