Nicole A., Club Kid Parent

Nicole A., Club Kid Parent

My daughter is grateful to have gone to summer camp this year. Being able to be around kids her age helped pull her outside of a dark place. She needed the interaction with her friends after being home for so long.

Maggie K., Malins Team Swimmer

I lost my dad was I was in 7th grade. And swimming was kind of like an outlet form me. Even if you are having a rough day…the coaches are always there for you. Whether you need advice or anyone to listen.

Marie K., Youth of the Year, 2019

The Club is a home that not only houses me, but one that houses my development as a leader, an athlete, and more importantly, as a human being well equipped to make a difference in the world.

Torrel N., BGCNW Alumni

In Mrs. Cutri’s club, we all came together to form a community and despite everyone coming from different walks of life, we worked together to achieve a common goal.

Rolando T., Counselor/Graduate

My favorite part of the day is just putting smiles on everyone, especially the kids’ face and making them go home happy and forget about everything on the outside. All the conselors are like family, even if you are new, everyone loves and respects each other. And it’s just…like an excellent vibe.