Hats Off to 85 Years!

Hats Off to 85 Years!

In October of this year, the Club celebrates its 85 anniversary! We will begin commemorating this milestone with our 29th annual Humanitarian Award Gala on June 7, 2024. The theme of the event is Hats Off to 85 Years.

As a way to include all of our members in this momentous occasion, we have partnered with milliner, Jackie Cicogna; and incredibly talented, generous, and creative woman. Over the course of the next several weeks, Jackie will be working with our afterschool program members to create unique and custom hats and designs that will be used in the decor of the gala.

An added benefit to this partnership is that kids are exposed to a career they had never heard of, and are being given the opportunity to engage in a new, creative activity with new materials.

We had the privilege of being featured on News 12. Click the link below to video of the newscast on our YouTube page.

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