Marlins Swim Team

The Marlins Swim Team is one of the few high caliber teams in the greater Metropolitan area. Winner of the Boys & Girls Club National Championships every year since 2000, they are a swimming force to be reckoned with. With team members as young as 6 years old able to do the four competitive strokes multiple lengths of a 25- yard pool, the Marlins ranking is always high among all United States Swimming teams in the nation. Though every year it changes, the Marlins consistently rank among the top 100 programs nationally. With the leadership of the Head Coach and Aquatic Director Dennis Munson who has been at the Club since 1969, the 12-month program produces quality athletes who are well known in the local Metropolitan area.

For more information, please visit the Marlins Facebook site or contact Dennis Munson, Aquatic Director, at 914.666.8069, ext. 115 or

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